Thursday, October 2, 2008

Meltin' and Disciplinin' Thursday!

A little something I've never understood:

Okay, this is some Iron Man villain called the Melter, making his debut appearance as one of the original Masters of Evil in Avengers v.1 #6. He melts things, hence the name.

Look at where his weapon is located.

I cannot think of a strategically worse place to put a weapon than on your chest. Not only are you putting an irresistible target on your otherwise-unprotected heart/lung area, but aiming the thing is ridiculous.

Once I have you standing in front of me, I will zap you! Hey, are you moving to the side? Don't do that! Don't stand behind me, either!

From Avengers v1. #7:

I've never understood this logic. So, my punishment for not showing up when you wanted me to show up is to forbid me from showing up in the future?

They do that to truant kids, and it makes zero sense to me. If you want to punish the guy, make him work with the Fantastic Four for a week. He'll never blow off a signal again.

I know we're not supposed to think about this, but how did people in the building not get killed when Giant-Man landed on it? Am I the only one who saw Cloverfield?


Ladies! You say you're married to a lazy dolt who just doesn't get the job done? Introducing the vibra-gun!

Anything that vibrates is instant fodder for vibrator jokes. You have been advised.

See you tomorrow!


Robert Gillis said...

Good point on the weapon in the chest thing. There was a good Batman comic a while back where batman noted to himself that he wears such a large target on his chest (his bat symbol) because he couldn’t think of a way to protect his head, and shooters would go for the target (he was wearing a bullet-proof vest or armor or something).

LOVE the Avenger thing and the point about truant kids is a good one. A better line, though – We’ve reached a decision and it’s a painful one. Your new partner is the Wasp!

Iron Man: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!

Aaron Carine said...

If he can generate enough heat to melt iron,he can melt lead and several other metals. Or did Stan Lee think metal melts by some arcane magic that only works on one element at a time?

D.B. Echo said...

Suspending Iron Man for not showing up is like putting a boot on a car for being illegally parked. "You can't park there! Now you can't vacate the spot, either!"

Thor...Thor, put down that hammer! I don't care how inviting Giant Man's 40-foot-tall butt is!

Anonymous said...

If this was a DC comic, Hank Pym's target building would have a "schedualed for demolition" sign. How did the Comics Authority Code get so soft anyway?

Once again we see some respectful representation of south american natices in comics. Way to break some barriers.

Anonymous said...

New York City was one big urban renewal project in the 1960s (or so I learned from Marvel Comics). Every single building damaged or destroyed by anyone (good or bad) was an "abandoned warehouse" or "abandoned building".

Jonathan Nolan said...

The Avengers levelled the Bronx usually, judging by the artwork. And sometimes Wall Street. They had it coming anyway.

Interesting that waaayyyy back Giant Man is weaker when enormous, as some spurious tip of the hat to physics ie volume, giantism issues etc. as opposed to now when size change occurs through what many top scientists believe is a miracle.