Monday, October 20, 2008

Paintin' Outside the Lines Monday!

Sorry I missed Friday's post. I was so swamped I didn't even get the chance to log on.

But that just gives us more to love with All-Star Comics #28!

I'm not sure if Hawkman has a question, or if he is using the paint jar as a tom-tom. I kind of hope it's the second option.

Hmmmmmm.... well, you can try and figure it out through ancient relics what nuyuk used to be, or you can go straight to the professionals:

I know... but when they lob a softball at me like that, I just can't let it go.

Now isn't the time to discuss your personal life, Green Lantern! There's murder afoot!

Seriously, what is with Hawkman's hands today? Between this and the cover, I'd swear he was detoxing....

Wow, someone's a bachelor! When you live with a woman, you don't get to hang up cool artwork like that. Instead, you hang up pictures of chihuahuas in sweaters and babies dressed up like adults.

You have to get out of here NOW!

But, Hawkman, you're holding me in place!

What? Why, so I am. What is with my hands today?


Oh. I think I just figured out why this guy is still a bachelor.

See you tomorrow!


TF said...

That last panel cracked me up!

Hawkman, you silly twisted boy, you.

Robert Gillis said...

Hawkman: "it's queer paint! It can't be stopped! I--- I--- SAY MY NAME!"

Guy: "Huh?"

Hawkman: "Say my name, B*TCH!"

Guy: "Hawkman! Hawkman!"

Hawkman: "Yessiree, what a man."

Chance said...

Ah yes, the fabled city of Nu Yuk, divided into such prehistoric, fabled lands as Bru Klin, Dab Ronks, an Ma Na'a Tun.

Anonymous said...

@chance... you forgot Qwa Inz

D.B. Echo said...

"What we need is...queer turpentine!"

Why does Hawkman's head look like it's melting, or at least getting all shrivelled up?