Thursday, October 23, 2008

Apes and Elephants Thursday!

Hey Hey! Christian Bale was in Bartlesville, Oklahoma yesterday! Batman himself was in the town where I grew up! Bartlesville is about 50 miles North of where I live now, and it's odd that I live so close to the town I grew up, yet never have reason to go. I was last there for a day on a work-related thing about 8 years ago, and couldn't find the high school from whence I graduated. Hope they don't ask for my diploma back!

Hope you went to Murphy's Steak House, Christian! Get a hot hamburger with extra gravy!

Enough of that. It's time for All-Star Comics #29!

The Justice Society fights Landor, "The Man Who Knew Too Much!"

.... except, apparently, where he left his trousers.

The Flash is singing again? He must get bored fighting crime and have the need to amuse himself. Anyone recognize this song? It sounds kinda dirty.

Dr. Mid-Nite fighting apes and elephants??? No, Dr. Mid-Nite - I'm the one who's dreaming! How awesome is that?

That will mean suffering for millions! Not to mention... is that elephant dung on my boot?

Clean up your boots later, Doc! It's time to fight a gorilla!

Now, that.... is one poorly-drawn gorilla.

Hmmmmmm... this is the kind of thing where, if you're going to say it out loud, you really don't want to skimp on the details. What do you need, Doc? A lozenge? Preparation H? Herpes cream? Do you really want me filling in my own blanks here?

Finally, the JSA has had enough and decides to solve the problem in Golden Age style:

They gang up on a disarmed foe and beat the snot out of him.

Landor decides he's had enough and goes back to his own time:

See? He's from the future. You know this, because for some reason, the people who are living in that time also refer to it as "the future." Why they do that is clearly too sophisticated for your primitive 21st Century brain to comprehend.

Now is the time in which we dance!

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Jay Leno wants his chin back from the villain.

The Flash could be singing a slightly abbreviated beginning of the chorus of "Let My People Go" aka "Go Down, Moses." I dunno', though. Did this comic take place during Passover ? Was the Flash ever Jewish ? I know that Colossal Boy was for awhile, until they retconned it out of him, which still makes me sulk to this day. -- cleome45

Adam Barnett said...

I actually had a religion retconned. When I did my geneological search, I learned that my maternal side were Jewish. They fled Scotland to escape persecution and hid their faith in America to avoid more of the same. To this day, many of the Shaddox clan (including me!) celebrate their Jewish heritage as Messainic Jews.

And, although many Jewish sects won't consider me a "real" Jew because some feel the heritage follows the mother (not to mention the whole Christ issue), I am proud to have Jewish blood pumped through my Christian heart.

See? You can't make up the really good stuff!

Aaron Carine said...

The heritage follows the mother and you did say your maternal side was Jewish. Did you mean the paternal side? said...

The Wikipedia entry (so you know it's 100% complete and accurate!) for "Go Down, Moses":

When Israel was in Egypt's land: Let my people go,
Oppress'd so hard they could not stand, Let my People go.
Go down, Moses,
Way down in Egypt land,
Tell ole Pharoh,
Let my people go.

De said...

That looks like a really uncomfortable chair in that last panel. If that's what awaits in the future, I'll stay behind in the past.

SallyP said...

Oh Jay. Why do I have this vision of you, Green Lantern, Dr. Mid-nite and Hawkman forming up a barbershop quartet?

Anonymous said...

Adam B., that's quite the interesting story. Now all you have to do is head over here and figure out which Jewish superhero you want to be when you grow up.

I'd offer to help, but I can't seem to stop dancing around the living room in my kermit-the-frog green robe and matching mini-turban.

Good luck. -- cleome45

Adam Barnett said...

aaron - nope, it came from my mom's side, but her Jewish heritage came from her father, which would cut it off there, depending upon which doctrine you follow.

I don't know if this is the reason that Jewish folks follow that "bloodline only comes from mother" logic, but I remember learning in school that it was adopted in the United States back in colonial times because landowners were making babies with their slaves and no one wanted them to have the rights that white folks had.

cleome45 - I'll check it out. Thanks!

Adam Barnett said...

cleome45 - I've always been a fan of the original Sandman, so I'm probably a really bad Jewish Catholic (Jewish from mom, probably Irish Catholic from dad's heritage). I would be considered a crashing disappointment by both sides, but since it is equally so, perhaps the two would balance each other out :-)

Allergy said...

Adam - congrats on the Jewishness! Also, that is possibly the best dance video I've seen since I saw the last dance video that you posted for us to see. I'm going to be doing that finger thing all weekend.

Those apes and elephants are scary, but not nearly as bad as the DEATH PANDA!!!!

Elie said...

The concept of a child's Jewishness being determined by the mother goes back to the earliest days of the codified religion, i.e., 2,000+ years ago. It is derived from Biblical verses, but without getting into too much Talmudic analysis, one obvious reason is that one's maternal line is 100% known, while the paternal line is not.

Adam Barnett said...

interesting stuff, elie! I never thought of that. Of course, with paternity testing being so dang reliable these days, that wouldn't be an issue. But I can see how it would have come up back in the day.