Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Things Go Wrong Tuesday!

From All-Star Comics #22:

And one day, that boy in the red coat would grow up to become.... Rush Limbaugh.


From All-Star Comics #23:

Thank goodness you keep so much junk in your purse!

Now, to be fair to Hawkman, I wouldn't have understood what a slam that was until after I had been married a few years, but women really don't appreciate that sort of comment.

They also don't appreciate you pointing out how similar they are to their own mothers, but get equally annoyed if you point out how different they are to your mother.

Don't try to understand why. Don't even ask them. Just accept that it's so and move on.

I don't think there's much I can add here. Except I wonder where the Thunderbolt's right hand is.

Come to think of it, I'd rather not know.

And now, my nomination for most tasteless comic strip I've seen in some time:

Yeah. Ha ha ha ha ha. Jackass.

See you tomorrow!


Tomfoolery said...

Hawkman was such a dick!

and by Grod that last strip made me angry.

Elie said...

I really can't believe the last one. What year was that from? If it was written before the Nazi Holocaust became generally known, possibly the term "Concentration Camp" had a different, less utterly horrible meaning at the time? Even so, the "joke" is still in very poor taste.

Allergy said...

I agree with the above. The fact that the mustachioed fellow would strike his carrot-topped compatriot on the head, knowing aforehand what a condition he is in, was in truly terrible taste!

Adam Barnett said...

Elie - it came from All-Star Comics #23, which had a Winter 1944 publish date. Maybe some of our more history-savvy readers can explain why that wasn't as horrible as it seems today?

Aaron Carine said...

It was quite tasteless then,although a fair number of Americans weren't aware of the Holocaust until after the crossing of the Rhine.

De said...

While Aaron is correct, concentration camps had been reported in several newspapers with regard to political prisoners and POWs.

SallyP said...

At the time, I imagine that most people were only aware of the "show" camps that the Nazi's used to trot out for visiting dignitaries and such. It wasn't until later that the true horror of the REAL camps was discovered,and I can't imagine that anyone found them TOO amusing.

But yes, Hawkman is a dick. This is not a surprise to me.

Robert Gillis said...

I think it's important to show how comics like that to show how far we've come. As George Takei once said, you can be ashamed of your history but shouldn't hide it. otherwise it might happen again.

great site Adam. Loving the Avenger stuff!

michaelrbn@aol.com said...

At the time this was published, the general public might not have been aware of the true scope of the Holocaust, but it was common knowledge from the earliest days of the Third Reich (1933) that concentration camps had been set up to house dissidents and other undesirables (as determined by the Nazis). And concentration camps had actually been invented by the English for use in South Africa during the Boer Wars at the turn of the century as a means of containing the Afrikaaners who were opposing British rule. Not considered as bad as the camps run by the Germans in WW II, but still pretty nasty be any definition. Long story short: a concentration camp joke in 1944 is pretty dicey, let alone in a comic book aimed at kids.