Monday, October 13, 2008

Avengers Re-Assemble Monday!

Hey, hey! It's Avengers v1 #16, which means it's time for a line-up change! The Avengers rarely went too long without shuffling the team up, although this was one of the most pronounced:

It would have been quite cool to hide the fact that the new team was going to consist of former bad-guys, but since those are the only options left on the cover besides the original team, it ain't exactly a Sudoku puzzle.

Yeesh! I thought we were finished with Giant Man's horrible new costume, but there it is! The costume could be a super-villain all by itself.

Say, wasn't the team in the middle of fighting the Masters of Evil last issue? I guess we ought to wrap that up:

Yeah, let's just have them keel over in three panels. That should do it.

This is the most self-aware Jan will ever be. Please to enjoy.

Despite Cap walking away from Zemo's body at the end of last issue, we see that he has returned to give him a proper burial.

Whether or not Cap and Rick stole Zemo's shoes remains a mystery to this day.

It's always the people who do the least that bitch the most. Shut up, Jan.

Hawkeye swears to deliver lamer soliloquies than Captain America, even if it takes the rest of his life.

Meet the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver: Former enemies of the X-Men, hopeful Avengers, siblings, and two people with really awful hair. Blame it on mutation.

Are you still here, Rick? I thought I'd lost you at the airport. But since you're here - shut up.

This was quite the gutsy change of lineup. We went from three characters with their own successful series to three former villains, plus Cap. Hawkeye is correct that this would also take their power level way down as we go from Iron Man and Thor to an archer, a speedster, and some power the Scarlet Witch has that I still don't understand forty years later.

On the positive side, you can grow two live monsters in your house:

I have no idea what this could have been. Anyone out there know?

See you tomorrow!~


Allergy said...

Heh, heh... Captain America made out with Zemo in South America!

On the other hand, I don't get to use the word "changeth" nearly enough in my everyday life.

Aaron Carine said...

"You are the oldest and I shall do as you say."

My kid brother never had that attitude.

D.B. Echo said...

Why is Cap driving around with Zombie Rick Jones? Looks like Zemo isn't the only one who wound up dead in the previous issue.

As for the living monsters, I believe if most of us check in the back of the bottom shelf of our refrigerators, we may discover a new source of steady income: monster farming.

D.B. Echo said...

From the Wikipedia entry on Harold von Braunhaut, the marketing genius behind X-Ray Specs, Amazing Sea Monkeys, and Crazy Crabs:

"Amazing Hair-Raising Monsters - a card with a printed monster that would grow "hair" (mineral crystals, actually) when water was added."

Sea_of_Green said...

I hope Cap really did know Zemo's religious affiliations before burying him!

SallyP said...

Giant Man's helmet reminds of that stupid little alien that used to pop up in the later episodes of the Flintstones. Yes, I'm dating myself.

Of COURSE Cap and Rick made off with Zemo's shoes! You don't buy perfectly good shoes!

Tomfoolery said...

In the first one Captain America is actually saying...


Robert Gillis said...

Atomic lance? Maw-wha ha ha. Wasp needs a vacation? Um, from WHAT exactly?

Anonymous said...

aaron c.:

My kid brother never had that attitude.

Well, they were also twins, which means it's kind of f-ing arrogant to claim that you get some huge seniority points by being first-born/oldest.

In character for good old Pietro, though.

BTW, it's easy to explain Wanda's powers, kids: She alters probabilities with her hexes. She's like those "cooler" types they park next to the winning gamblers in Vegas in hopes of breaking lucky streaks. Just imagine, if Pietro had wanted to meet the Rat Pack instead of Cap, the whole history of Marvel would be completely different now.


Anonymous said...

Wanda's "Hex Power" was whatever the writers needed to do that issue, kinda like when Superman had new powers every issue such as "Super Ventriloquism."

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