Friday, October 3, 2008

Commando Training Friday!

You say you live in a country where people have been electing their Commander-in-Chief based solely on rumors circulated via e-mail chain letters, stance on abortion and/or position on gay marriage? Sounds like your kids need to prepare for their future as frontline infantry!

From All-Star Comics #20:

Never too early to start training kids to be soldiers, is it? Especially these days!

I like how Thom is both "trim" and "husky." As a child who had to buy "husky" clothes, I can tell you that "trim" never entered the picture.

And poor Bill.... he's gonna be whipped by chicks his whole life. Unless he wins the race and then bitch-slaps her. Yeah, that would work.

Oh, no! It's All-Star Comics #21, and an aging criminal has taken poison!

What to do, what to do? I know! Let's go back in time and undo his bad deeds so he doesn't have self-esteem issues or gets into Heaven or something. I don't know, it's just something to do!

.... or, I suppose we could save everyone a lot of work and just go back into time long enough to keep him from drinking the poison in the first place.

I'm overthinking it again, aren't I? Cue the dancing girl!

For the .05% of my readership that doesn't have a dirty mind, being someone's "pony boy" means something quite different today than (I presume) it did back then. Then again, I don't really know what else it could have meant. Google it when you aren't at work, kids! We run a clean shop here!

See you Monday!


Robert Gillis said...

Well, Bill *can't* win, even the sign on the fence says, "No Bills."

Bruce Springsteen has a song called "Pony Boy" on his "Human Touch" album that his grandmother used to sing to him, that he in turn sung to his children? But me? I think the dirty version is MUCH funnier.

And BTW, if the professor's time ray can send Hawkman back in time easily, why not just use it EVERY TIME something bad happens? Oh, right, no drama.

Thanks, Adam! See ya Monday!

Allergy said...

Even more incredible that Thom won, considering he never opens his eyes. "Bill! You were looking! And you still lost?!"

A clean shop???? Oh, Adam. I have many words for this blog and its commentors, but clean is not one of them....

De said...

Based on experience, women performers don't like visitors after the show. Just trust me on this one.

SallyP said... mean that's NOT a Springsteen song? My illusions are shattered.