Monday, January 27, 2014

Strongman, Scourge of the Underworld... No, Not THAT Scourge!

Well, now I understand.

You see, I had read Strongman's exploits out of order and I clearly didn't understand just how plausible his origin is.

But now that I've read Crash Comics #1, I have seen the proverbial light.

You see, he's been able to do all those leaps over buildings and surviving explosions and whatnot (while being the world's most perfect man, I might add), through yoga.

But it ain't just any yoga....

... it's secret yoga.  

Now I get it!  Here I thought he was just doing all that stretching and chanting and whatnot, but he was doing something that's a secret.


Moving on....

Suddenly! (tm!)

Here's an unusual job perk:

I don't recall anyone ever promising me that I wouldn't be molested at work, and to be honest, I never thought to negotiate that into my terms of employment.  I appear to have dodged some sort of figurative bullet thus far.

See you tomorrow!


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MarvelX42 said... the Necronomicon...secret, that explains everything.

MarvelX42 said...

Now that I look at it closer, it says "Yogi" not "Yoga". I looked on Wikipedia and among other things it says: "Yogi - Siddha
According to David White, the term yogi is also a pejorative term used by Hindu orthodoxy for a Siddha.[3] According to White,
[S]iddha means "realized, perfected one",[note 1] a term generally applied to a practitioner (sādhaka, sadhu) who has trhough his practice (sadhana) realized his dual goal of superhuman powers (siddhis, "realizations", "perfections") and bodily immortality (jivanmukti).[8]" Fit's right in with Strongman.....Superhuman powers and immortality.