Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Superman Falls for the Old "I Want You to be in Our Calendar" Gag

Kind of a grab bag today.  I've just now cracked the cover of Action Comics #212:

Being from Krypton, Superman didn't understand the term "The Full Monty."  But he would before the calendar was finished.  Seriously.  Look at the expression on Thorne Varden's face.  Don't act like you don't see it.

More on that another time.  Here's some fun found as I finished 4Most Comics #2:

Kit may have been alert, but his coordination left something to be desired.

Suddenly! (tm!)

So... was Kit hoping to become an espionage ace like Don Davis?

Say what you will about pro wrestling, it can have some hilarious lines.  I'm going to start using this one:

From WCW: World Championship Wrestling #2.  

Another favorite I have came from Jessie Ventura before he became a governor: "It ain't cheating if the referee don't see it, McMahon."  I say that one often, whether it's appropriate to the situation or not.

See you tomorrow!

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