Thursday, January 23, 2014

Superman, You Stingy, Self-Seeking, Money-Mad Miser! Part Two!

Just to torture myself, I decide to check out Action Comics #219:

These days, we'd call Supes "thrifty," but apparently hanging onto your money was a terrible thing to do back in the day.

Anyway, after much ballyhoo (SPOILER ALERT), we learn why Supes was amassing a big stash of loot:

Get it?  He was trying to bring a crook out of hiding by tempting him with a super-sized treasure trove.  Pretty good plot.  I enjoyed it just as much when Supes did the exact same thing in Action Comics #176.  I realize that they probably didn't think that they'd have the same readers in 40 issues, but that's pretty dang lazy.  Then again, there's only so much you can do with a protagonist that powerful.

But, still.

Moving onto Green Lantern #32, we see yet another lowlight in the already-pitiful history of the Golden Age Green Lantern.

I give you, Alan getting clobbered by...

.... The Juggler: 

Yes.  The Juggler.  The man has a ring that can literally create a Sherman tank, and he was taken to Whippedville by a man with even less threatening than Batroc the Leaper.

And, of course, he ends up in a slot machine deathtrap:


Enough of that.  Time for a CMNS Moment... of Comic Book Greatness! (tm!)

You certainly are!

This has been a CMNS Moment... of Comic Book Greatness! (tm!)

See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

So where Sportsmaster and the Gambler the only good supervillains Golden Age GL fought?

Adam Barnett said...

Thus far, that would appear to be the case, depending on your feelings regarding the Golden Age Harlequin. The Fool has popped up for a second appearance, which is one more than I would have guessed.

Erich said...

I always thought the Icicle was a decent villain as well. ("Decent villain" there's a contradiction in terms!)

Adam Barnett said...

Truth to tell, I had forgotten the Icicle started out as a Golden Age Green Lantern villain, but you're right! He was awesome!