Friday, January 17, 2014

Strongman's Powerful Thrust

Administrative Note: Monday is a holiday, so we'll be back Tuesday, January 21st for more hijinks!

I realize that I'm way too fascinated with the character of Strongman, but I'm just amazed at the powers they gave this guy, this time in Crash Comics #5:

Like tank-tossing:

Repelling gas attacks with his own breath:

Smacking away bombs dropped by airplanes:

And my personal favorite, throwing himself onto detonating dynamite and surviving:

And how does he accomplish this? Magic?  Is he an alien?

No, my friends.  Yoga.

It's like the writers were figuring no one would remember his origin, so why even bother trying to stick to it?  These days, at least they'd have the courtesy to ret-con or reboot the character.  But nope.  He's a yoga enthusiast who can apparently go toe-to-toe with Superman or Captain Marvel.  Shouldn't he be more at Batman level, at best?

Yes, I know.  I'm over-thinking it.  Let's check in on Don Davis, Espionage Ace at Startling Comics #39!

We seem to have caught Don at a very bad time.  Again.

Oh, well.  See you Monday!


MarvelX42 said...

Meh, like I said before, at least they gave him an origin, not just said he was a mutant. Just saying that someone is a mutant has to be the laziest origin ever.

Adam Barnett said...

Very true, Marv! I was all mutanted-out about by the time the 80s were over.