Friday, January 31, 2014

Superman: A Disappointment of Olympian Proportions

The Olympics are coming, aren't they?  Sports really aren't my thing.  But I'm pretty sure they are, and it's going to mess up regular tv for what will seem like months, so let's celebrate with watching Superman stink up the Inter-Planetary Olympics:

Oh, man... if you only knew Sharn of Planet Iwo's track record, you would know that Superham just got served, y'all!

I never get tired of seeing Superham fail, so let's check it out on instant replay:

Meanwhile, in Action Comics #223, look at what I found!

The bending machine?  An early model of:

That... is a strange coinkydink.

Meanwhile, here's some Fun with Out of Context Artwork (tm!) courtesy of Robert Gillis!

It's the sweaty fear on Archie's face that makes me think this is going to play like a scene out of Pulp Fiction.  

Awesome stuff, Robert!  Thanks!

See you Monday!


MarvelX42 said...

Wait. Is that Aquaman on the cover of Action Comics?

Adam Barnett said...

I know... they shouldn't have a blond guy wear an orange shirt with green gloves.

MarvelX42 said...

Didn't you use to do these everyday? I miss dem. :-)

Adam Barnett said...

I try, but work has been busy busy busy so rather than clobber myself and get burnt out, I'm just putting 'em on when I can. Hopefully, things will calm down and we'll get back to regular posts.

MarvelX42 said...

S'ok mang. :-) Just lettin ya know that when you do post them they really brighten my day. I totally understand the whole being hella busy thing though for sure. :-)