Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Body-Slamming Post of the Year! Except Yesterday's!

Let's start the new year right with WCW World Championship Wrestling... the comic book!


Stop that groaning!  STOP IT!  You knew it would come up sooner or later.

As we've previously learned, some things just don't translate well to comics, like car chases and music.  And musical car chases.

But wrestling, well... let history be the judge!

This is actually from an era that came about when I had quit watching wrestling for the most part, but I still knew who most people were.  For example, I knew enough to wonder why Sting was about to sexually assault the reader:

And I knew enough to know that Dusin Rhodes was getting about as much attention here as he deserved:

He's really off in the distance there.

And why is Flyin' Brian carrying a purse?  Did he become Purse-Carryin' Brian at some point?

Hey, Z-Man!  Respect the fourth wall!

Anyway, here's Ron Simmons breaking the back of Johnny B. Badd:

And, as we all remember, this led to Azrael taking on the mantle of Johnny B. Badd, throwing Robin out of the Baddcave, and .... wait, am I getting things mixed up?  The 90's were a very strange time.

Let's check out some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue / Artwork! (tm!):

And yes, before you even ask, I do have every issue of this title.  Buckle up, my friends!

See you tomorrow!