Thursday, January 30, 2014

Take It Instead of Dishing It Out, Big Boy!

It's the last issue I have of Startling Comics, but it's safe to say that issue #35 was perhaps the greatest single copy of a comic ever to see the light of day.


Well, we start out with Pyroman fighting an octopus:


And you're probably thinking we should just stop there, because anything after that would only be a disappointment, right?

Well, my cynical friend, that's a fair guess, but in this case you would be wrong because...

No, silly woman!  He's trying to SING!  Let's help him out!


Spider-Men, Spider-Men, doing whatever the Spider-Men... ken.

Eh, close enough.

Fight 'em, Captain Future!  Earn my 1940's dime!


But here's what I don't understand about Captain Future:

Okay.  Bulletproof.  Got it.

But not five pages earlier:

So, if you ever find yourself in mortal combat with Captain Future (and don't say it'll never happen, because there are no certainties in life), just smack him with the gun rather than fire it at him.

Turns out there was a reason Superman always dodged that thrown gun in the old George Reeves TV series.


Y'know, it seems like a horde of giant spiders would terrorize the populace whether they had human heads or not.  That seems like a lot of effort putting masks on gigantic spider for no reason.

And then.... yes, I know you can barely come up for air but we're not finished, the Oracle (no relation to the DC character) encounters...

... well, I'll just let him tell you: 



Wow!  I can hardly take it!  Let's check in on Don Davis, Espionage Ace!

Oh, man.  Way to kill the momentum, Don.

Well, it's all about getting back up, Don.  You're kind of an inspiration that way.

See you tomorrow!

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Unknown said...

Okay. Two things:

1) Isn't Pyroman a robot? Why does he need to breathe?; and,

2) Is electricity really the weapon you want to be using underwater?