Wednesday, January 29, 2014


I had to snag the cover of this issue of Pep Comics from the good folks at, so thanks to them for this:

It's pretty telling that the spotlight is on Arch and Jughead while the Shield and the Hangman are standing there in the dark deluding themselves into thinking that they aren't going to become little more than comic book trivia in the near future.

Meanwhile, let's start a new meme I like to call Guess Who THIS Is? (tm!)

Yup... it's an early appearance of a very well-known character.  Got any ideas?

I've really been having a problem with those tricky back-stabbing jungle fighters!  They get me every time!  If only someone knew of  a constructive way to deal with them!  Then again, I'd probably need about 150 slow-motion pictures of guys in wrestling trunks to even begin to wrap my brain around the concept.

YAY!  Thanks, comics!  You've saved the day again!

See you tomorrow!


Britt Reid said...

I'd bet it's Reggie Mantle.

Tracer Bullet said...

Comet the Super-Horse

Wayne Allen Sallee said...

Jason Todd.

Adam Barnett said...

HA! Funny guesses, but Britt is correct! That's an early version of Reggie Mantle!