Friday, January 24, 2014

You Can't Call My Dad the Blimp Man!

Let's finish off the week with a few random panels, starting with this one from Starling Comics #40:

Granted, it has been a while since the days when Adam would take the stage and dazzle you with his thespian talents, but it seems like "putting up a show of resistance" would involve a bit more... enthusiasm?  He looks like Charlie Brown after checking the mailbox on Valentine's Day.

Moving on to this soon-to-be classic bit of Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!) from Pep Comics #41:

Marriage counselling was something of a challenge for Fred.  


Finally, check out this twist on the old "I Can Make a He-Man Out of You" ads from Crash Comics #1:

Wait for it... wait for it...

What could it be?  Exercise equipment?  A book on dieting? A yoga mat?


I would remind you that I do not Photoshop dialog into panels.  This is exactly how they played out.  My favorite part is the grunting he does as he hoists and tugs his gut into the corset. UH! UHM!

Not that I couldn't use one myself.  I likes me food.  But I suck in my gut because I'm a man, and that's what a real man does!  USA! USA!

See you Monday, kids!


Aaron Carine said...

My mother keeps telling me to suck in my gut, but I feel that I should be honest, and not try to hide my girth from the world. For that reason, I am not getting a girdle.

Gummboote said...

Weren't such things an early form of rubber fetish wear?