Friday, March 19, 2010

A Tribute to Sinistro, Boy Fiend! Friday!

I like this comic simply because it has stones:

It's worth noting that this was published in January, 1968, a good six years after the Green Lantern villain Sinestro made his debut in the summer of 1961. And it's not worth noting that if the Green Lantern movie is ever made with Ryan Reynolds, Sinestro reportedly won't be the bad guy. Instead, we're getting stuck with Hector Hammond. What's up with that? Was the Javelin too busy?

Anyway, the Sinistro, Boy Fiend comic was bitchin' because someone, somewhere, got the permission of the Charlton bigwigs (such as they were) to not only use their some of their most popular characters, but to have them lose.

Normally, I'm very protective of the Silver Age Blue Beetle, but that rules your world. Don't even pretend it doesn't.

It's even better when a crappy character like Peacemaker just falls in a hole:

Yeah! That's the stuff!

For some reason, the Question and Captain Atom were absent. I'm prepared to guess that not everyone was in the mood to watch the hero of their respective publication get smacked around by a one-shot character no one was supposed to take seriously. So, they made up a few more guys to take a dive, like Superguy and the Green Spider:

Any resemblances to the angst-ridden Spider-Man over at Marvel Comics was purely a coincidence. At least, that's what they would have said in court.

So, welcome to the Character Hall of Fame, Sinistro, Boy Fiend. You have me in such a good mood, I'll even ignore E-Man's costume:

Normally, that would be in the Costume Hall of Shame because math is never cool. Never, I say! But I enjoyed Sinistro, Boy Fiend so much that I'm giving him a pass.

See you Monday!


Jeff Overturf said...

I'm lovin' your blog.

Maybe the funniest and best written out there. I look forward to it every day.

Paul D. Brazill said...

Great stuff!

Allergy said...

Is there really a book called "Bad Guys in History"? I want it.

Anonymous said...

Cuz everyone knows that shining light in your eyes will make you fall asleep. :)

LissBirds said...

Poor Ted! That seems like something that would happen to him in an JLI adventure. As much as I love Ted, I have to admit I did snicker a little....

Wayne said...

I've never even seen the COVER of this comic before. You are the boss of all bosses, the king of cool.

Chris C said...

Peacemaker is missing his hand in one of the panels. Weird.

He also gets my vote for lamest helmet/hat whatever the hell it is.

Zocktastic said...

"Why so serious, Blue Beetle?"

Sinistro was lightyears ahead of his time.