Thursday, March 11, 2010

For the Fruit Thursday!

So, I was following up on my conversation with Childhood Pal Scotty's daughter and her favorite members of the Legion of Super-Heroes. She advised me that she was no longer interested in Superboy (they grow fickle so quickly, don't they?), but she still liked Brainiac 5 because he built things and liked Saturn Girl because she could put people in a trance. CMNS regrets the error.

Meanwhile, Childhood Pal Scotty's son advised me that he had seen Superman on TV, read a Superman comic, and had dropped a dish, resulting in a boo-boo which was fixed by his mother who applied a Band-Aid. I tried to question him further, but he quickly grew bored with me and handed the phone back to his father while I was in mid-sentence. He'll grow to realize how awesome I am. You just watch.

You know what else is awesome? Detective Comics #27. You know why. For this Great Moment in Comics! (tm!):

Yeah! Feast your orbs on that little bit of awesomeness!

Oh, and I think the first appearance of Batman was in that issue as well. I was really distracted by the whole "enjoy my banana" thing and the many ways that could be construed.

The Crimson Avenger also showed up here as well. Like the Sandman, he didn't start out in tights. But unlike the Sandman, he apparently wore some kind of poncho:

I would think that from a battle-readiness perspective, this would cause all kinds of problems. But it was crimson, and I presume it kept his suit dry if he ever found himself without an umbrella.

And, like I said, I think Batman was somewhere in that issue as well. But I'm sure I easily found a reprint because of the banana conversation.

See you tomorrow!


E. Bernhard Warg said...

The "Banana" sequence is made extra funny by the fact that the guy looks kinda like Sigmund Freud.

SallyP said...

I'm just impressed with the stylishness and practicality of that poncho.

D.B. Echo said...

A poncho is practical in some ways, but impractical in others. Notice that he has to carry his gun with him all the time. Holsters and utility belts are of little use in this get-up!

Anonymous said...

Apparently, the Crimson Avenger is the originator of the red snuggie!