Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Smiling Skull Tuesday!

A hero is only as interesting as his villain. Superman is boring because there are simply no decent foes for him to fight. Batman is awesome because even the Mad Hatter has his moments. Spider-Man and the Flash? Great roster of bad guys. Iron Man and Green Lantern? Not so much. You get the idea.

So never discount the importance of a bad guy. Keep that in mind when considering The Smiling Skull:

You see? We just take Captain America's foe Red Skull and draw him kind of like the Red Skull would look like if the Joker got a hold of him. Of course, if Marvel or DC's lawyers wrote a nasty letter, we would swear this is a totally original character and we're Charlton Comics and we're not making any money anyway so go ahead and sue us, you bastards! We're judgment-proof!

And don't all skulls smile? I'm just saying....

I presume this woman had a head, but you'd never know it:

Comic Books: Teaching Boys how to Unsuccessfully Relate to Women Since 1939.

We're not finished with Judomaster. Oh, no. You're not that lucky and neither am I. But when you find something like this in the pile, you put everything on hold and jump straight to it:

Yes, my lovelies. You may sleep well tonight, knowing that when you wake up, I'm going to give you the awesomeness of Mr. Muscles.

I know. I can't wait, either.

See you tomorrow!


Prankster said...

Dude. I know you're not a fan of Superman, but his rogue's gallery is desperately underrated. For starters, Darkseid is technically a Superman villain, and he's one of the best baddies in all of comics. Brainiac's pretty neat, depending on which version you're talking about. Parasite is certainly a plausible threat, at least. Bizarro and Mr. Mxyzptlk are awesome, and nothing you can say can convince me otherwise. And even Lex Luthor (who I'll grant you is kind of overused and dopey in many of his incarnations) can be very, very cool. It all depends on who's writing them, of course, but All-Star Superman, "Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow", and the 90s animated series all showed that you can make these villains really effective if you handle them well.

Zocktastic said...

I'm with Prankster on this one, at least partially. Superman does have some bland baddies, to be sure, but he also has some of the most awesome. Bizarro and Mr. Mxy rock my world.

Can I just ask why the Smilin' Skull has a blond crewcut? Who thought that look would be effective?

Allergy said...

Wouldn't the world's most perfect man have better fashion sense? And isn't he striking an awfully fey pose here? Am I right, fellas?

Aurora Moon said...

not only that, but it seems to be a large group of men who's checking him out. not a single women in the crowd to be seen at all....
no, the woman handing him the trophy doesn't count. :p

SallyP said...

Mr. Muscles is SO wearing a girdle.

Zocktastic said...

And let's not forget that the cover promises us "Bang-up Thrilling Displays".