Monday, March 15, 2010

Is There *Supposed* to be a Chandelier in That Dungeon? Monday!

Just to start the week off right, a Moment of Comic Book Greatness! (tm!)

I'm not sure what the test is going to be, but I'm a little nervous at this guy picking his nose. If it involves anything that comes out on his gnarled little finger, the jig is totally up. Good call, General!

And thank you, World's Finest #253, for that Moment of Comic Book Greatness! (tm!)

Another look at early Batman from Detective Comics #31:

You know, I realize there's a learning curve if you want to be a masked vigilante, but did Bruce really not foresee the slight possibility that he might need something with a sharp edge at some point in time? There's a lot of wasted effort going on here.

Yeah, you cut the net with a shard of broken glass. Whoopity-doo! Next time, consider employing the wisdom of any Cub Scout and keep a knife handy.

But there are giant gorillas, and that's always good:

Ah, a giant gorilla. You just can't lose with a giant gorilla. I think a lot of these modern cross-over events would be a lot better if, for no particular reason, a giant gorilla just showed up and started beating the thunder out of everyone. It would be so awesome. Secret Invasion certainly would have been more readable.

When I take over Marvel and/or DC, you will see a lot more giant gorillas. On that, my friend, you can rely.

See you tomorrow!


The One True GL said...

Goraillas are great distractions from dull comics.

I imagine an editor would say to a writer, "You know I'm five pages in, but it hasn't grabbed me yet...I know, insert a gorilla splash page...Hell, put the gorilla on the cover and we can hike the price of the series..."

D.B. Echo said...

There's a giant gorilla in Agents of Atlas. They were most recently seen tussling with the Thunderbolts. I suppose they may show up at the big party in Broxton, Oklahoma.

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda surprised to see a "Baterang" in that comic. I wouldn't have thought the bat-named items started appearing so early in the history of Batman.

Allergy said...

Maybe the bat-lesson is that we need to keep making as many goofy characters as we can. Because you never know which ones are going to go on to become among the most successful and popular franchises.

Who knows, maybe some years from now we'll see a box office smash with "The Dark Giant Gorilla Begins".

LissBirds said...

Everything's better with monkeys, right?