Monday, March 29, 2010

More Nature Boy Monday!

You say you can't stand Nature Boy? Well, this isn't exactly a blog showcasing the best in comics, is it? If you only want the good stuff.... well, hoo boy, are you in the wrong place! More Nature Boy it is!

Like I mentioned on Friday, the whole gimmick of Nature Boy's powers was rather unremarkable because he never did anything himself. He was just kind of like a middle manager with a union contract. By Nature Boy #4, I think the "Kings of Weather" were getting a little tired of him:

Can't you just hear it? "What's your effin' problem now?"

And Nature Boy does nothing to discourage this. Not a "please" or a "thank you" comes out of his mouth, ever. No wonder the Kings of Weather got sick of the little turd. He's not exactly one to talk about another person's selfishness, is he?

Now almost everyone knows Spider-Man's mantra, "With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility." That's a pretty good lesson to live by.

Unless, of course, you're Nature Boy:

Yes, I suppose being with one's friends is a lot more enjoyable than taking on responsibilities and living up to our potential. I imagine Nature Boy would have done even less with his career had he access to a Playstation 3 and a bag of "Cheetos."

But we do have our occasional Moment of Comic Book Greatness (tm!) with Nature Boy:

That was, far and away, the worst  slap I think I've ever seen. If you can't make Nature Boy's teeth rattle, you really aren't putting your shoulder into it.

Stop your grumbling! Stop it, I say! No one ever said life at CMNS was going to be all sunshine and sausages!

See you tomorrow!


Aurora Moon said...

I know how he died. The King of Weather "accidentally" killed him with a bolt of lighting one day when Nature boy was being his usual asshole self. :p

At least, that's how I picture the series ending. :P

D.B. Echo said...

Well, at first glance that slap seems to have done little more than dislodge a stream of boogers from Nature Boy's nostrils. But on closer inspection it seems to have knocked his head clean off his body. So, that's a good thing.

SallyP said...

He...he has no neck! So actually, that may have been the best bitch-slap EVER!