Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's a Torn, Ragged and Chewed Thursday!

I had an interesting conversation with Childhood Pal Scotty's daughter not too long ago. She's barely school age, but already knows the awesomeness of comics, which makes her a lot of fun to buy gifts for. Hopefully, her little bro will follow suit when he gets a bit older.

Anyhoo, she was telling me that her favorite characters in the Legion of Super-Heroes were Superboy, Braniac 5 and Saturn Girl. Now, Superboy I can understand, because the Legion stories are pretty much when Superman is his least annoying. But Braniac 5 and Saturn Girl? Considering their power consists of just sitting around and thinking, I admit I was surprised. She didn't really explain, nor should she have to. But seriously?

Then again, I'm not one to talk. It's no secret that I like many a B-List character, including the Ted Kord version of the Blue Beetle.

Not that the Golden Age BB didn't have his moments:

Just in case they weren't clear enough, that mummy isn't dead.

Here's a fun product advertised for children in Young Men #28.

I presume a hernia was a big problem in 1954. 700,000 men, women and children already using the product before I even send in my $3.95 sounds like it was a bigger problem than polio.

Here's something I can help you with:

I've never understood people who want to gain weight, but just follow me around for a few days, and Uncle Adam will have you covered.

Here's another product marketed at children from that same issue:

That's right, boys and girls! If you bite your nails, you are ugly and unsanitary! Ugly and unsanitary creatures, that's what you are!

Wow! They were hardcore in the 1950's.

See you tomorrow!


Gene Phillips said...

If we're talking about Silver Age Brainiac 5 and Saturn Girl, I'd think they were attractive because they're always telling the others what to do.

Call it the appeal of bossiness.

Sea-of-Green said...

Teenage boys back then wanted nails that were "longer, lovelier"? Riiiiiiiight. ;-)

Allergy said...

A mummy who is not dead? Isn't that just... a guy in bandages?

vancouver mark said...

So I'm ugly and unsanitary, great.

Thanks for making my day.

Scott said...

Mystery solved. I just asked her straight up. My daughter doesn't much care for Superboy. But she likes that Saturn Girl can read peoples thoughts and that Brainiac 5 is so smart and can make cool gadgets. These must be powers she wishes for herself. But the guess about them being "bossy" and in charge was a good one, considering my daughter's 6 going on 13.