Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Children of the Corny Tuesday!

Hey, kids! A little Fun with Out of Context Dialogue! (tm!):

Thanks, Batman #11!

Greatest character ever:

He not only had the cajones to criticize Robin's stupid costume, but he had a weird fetish dungeon going on. Rich people are kinda weird, but I like this kid's moxy.

Check out this house ad from World's Finest #36:

Let's look at a clip and see if this was worth bugging your local theater manager:

Wow.... that beats the crap out of Superman Returns.

See you tomorrow!


wiec? said...

who's that rich kid's dad, Goldfinger? who equips their kid's room with a toy train, a toy castle and a medieval shackle set that shoot out of the wall?

I'm going to ask my local theatre manager about all this.

Elrossiter said...

wow man a superman serial from 1948-that actually looks really good. pure fun and wholesome fun! better than superman returns-oh yes! and the sinister spider lady ha ha ha, i loves it.

nice one adam.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, that really WAS better that Superman Returns.

Sea_of_Green said...

Superman & The Mole Men is better. ;-)

Elie said...

"Watching Paint Dry VIII" would be better than Superman Returns was.

TF said...


is actually quite cool.
Though that Jimmy Olsen actor looks kind of creepy.

And Superman always has to show off...

"The location is... here"
"Hmm... that's about twothousand miles away... I can be there in thirty seconds."
"Well. No shit."

Anonymous said...

There wasn't anything wrong with Superman Returns that more sinister 'Spider Lady' couldn't have fixed.

Actually, that's true of nearly every movie out there. WHERE ARE ALL THE SINISTER SPIDER LADIES AT?

ShadowWing Tronix said...

I saw that serial on TV. I'm thinking even back then the cartoon flying cop-out was lame. Especially if you've seen "The Adventures of Captain Marvel", which used manequin on a pulley and got better results. (Although I'm not sure that would fly--pardon the expression--when color arrived.)

D.B. Echo said...

I kinda liked the cartoon flying - and the cartoon bullets. The rocket-assisted takeoff left something to be desired.

"The location is - here."

"On a globe that size, your fingertip covers a circle with a diameter of over one hundred miles. Could you be a little more specific? Or maybe use, say, a MAP or something? Whatever, I can be there in thirty seconds - including the ten seconds I'm going to hang out before I even get moving."

Dave said...

I actually prefer "Superman vs. Atom Man" because we get a credible (i.e., fat) Luthor. The Spider Lady is about as much of a threat as Dinah Shore.

Anonymous said...

You mess with Dinah Shore at your own peril.

Seriously, she always struck me as the kind of woman who's never more than two seconds away from flipping out and killing you.