Friday, March 20, 2009

What's Wrong with the Kids Today Friday!

From Batman #10:

Wow, this kid is quite the delinquent, what with his necktie and bad report cardin' ways. If that was my kid's biggest issue, I'd think I was doing pretty well in the parenting department. It's like I tell parents, if you don't have to lock up your prescription medication at night and don't worry about your kid stealing your car while you sleep, you have the makings of a pretty good kid these days.

Know why kids today suck so much more than they did back then? I'll show you:

Because thrashing your child was an option. That's right, a little carefully-administered child abuse and threats thereof would keep that little booger in line. You don't see enough thrashings these days.

Yeah, baby! Solid!

Before the use of the thought balloon, parenthetical mutterings were the norm. Unfortunately, this device made it look like Batman was telling little Jimmy he was probably a goner.

Well, SOMEBODY certainly has to pee!

See you Monday!


D.B. Echo said...

I think "Roving Crime-Buster" would make a good title for the next Batman movie.

SallyP said...

It's hard to believe, but Batman used to be regularly stumped by thugs in bad suits.

I rather miss that sometimes.

The Mutt said...

"That innocent boy might be hurt by gunfire! What to do? I know! I'll call Robin!"

Allergy said...

Wait... I don't understand. Bats is mumbling under his breath at the kid. But in the very next panel you show us, he's thinking to himself! Did he learn to do this all in one issue? Or perhaps you skipped over the part where little Tommy said "Gee, Batman, you don't have to say everything you think out loud!"

I guess it's just another case where comics, they... Make No Sense!!

Jake said...

Not only was thrashing the option, but it appeared to be the nicer option when compared to grounding your kid.

Anonymous said...

Nothing like slamming someone into the border of a comic cell.

Hapi said...

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