Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Smoke-Ringin', Lima-Beanin', Datin' Judyin' Wednesday!

From World's Finest v1 #32:

I only have a year to live, so I'm going to dress... like this! That's how you go out with dignity.

There be all types in Gotham City:

Usually, whenever the citizens of Gotham get in on the act, it's to be an idiot like to mistake the Batplane for a live gigantic bat. But in this case, we have one of the most observant people in the history of the universe. If you're paying that much attention to the pattern of smoke rings, you really need a hobby.

Nothing spells entertainment like children flinging over-sized Lima beans at adults. You're welcome.

Man, that's the most hardcore Supercuts I've ever seen!

Judy says "Thank you!" No, Judy... thank you!

I know... today was just silly. It happens. How much are you paying to read this, anyway? That's what I thought.

See you tomorrow!


Elrossiter said...

ha ha i like the most observant people in the history of the universe! there not that high up, why didn't they just holler rather than being clever bast. . . oh i see now.


Anonymous said...

As for noticing the smoke rings...It was the 1940s there was no internet to entertain you. You watched smoke rings.

Mike Reeves-McMillan said...

Also, three-two-three is not SOS. SOS is three short, three long, three short.

Anonymous said...

"That night, a crime career begins with the costuming of Lucky Starr!"

...I think that sentence is referring to the costume designer..


Chickenbone Robinson said...

Now I have a purpose for my last year.

SallyP said...

But...I LIKE Lima Beans!

Anonymous said...

Awww... Garbanzos woulda' been cooler.

Maybe next week ?

-- cleome45