Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mandatory Good Grooming Friday!

This is the single greatest thing I've ever read, courtesy of the "Doc & Fatty" story from World's Finest #36:

If there had been a mustache theft subplot to Final Crisis, it would have made a lot more sense.

See you tomorrow!


Elrossiter said...

doesn't fatty have a tash himself? or are they just fatty lines?! that and he's too fast for them ha ha.

ace pickings today rich!


Anonymous said...

There was no mustache subplot in Final Crisis because Grant Morrison doesn't like people with a lot of facial hair.

Allergy said...

Is it technically even illegal to snip someone's mustache?

And anyway, what's so great about this guy? Does it somehow incapacitate a police officer if you cut off his mustache?

Michael Jones said...

I wonder if he plans to snip Natasha's mustache? (damn spammers)

Josh said...

I thought it was that people with a lot of hair didn't like Grant Morrison?

I love Grant Morrison myself, but I could make more sense of a five-year-old's writing than of Final Crisis. Something wrong there.