Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Battle Plan Critiquin' Tuesday!

One thing you have to say about the Avengers: They are a dang considerate group of people to fight. Fer'instance:

Look at that. Lined up like bowling pins so you can take 'em out in one shot. When Captain America is around, you'd think he'd offer some of those battle-hardened advanced military combat techniques like not grouping all together to make one impossible-to-miss target.

Hey, don't tease me:

Yeah! Pull the trigger! Do it do it do it do it! That's one advanced sniper scope if you can actually hear people talking through it.

Another tactical question:

Iron Man often gets zapped because he leaves those face slits open. Since that is the case, why doesn't he leave them closed all the time, or at least at the first sign of trouble. Seriously, if you're fighting Iron Man, aren't those little slits in the helmet the first thing you're gonna aim for?

Hey, we're long overdue for some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue!(tm!):

I agree. Stopping the rear attacker's purpose should always be Job One.

See you tomorrow!


Allergy said...

It's just a good thing Iron Man remembered to close the bathroom vent in his suit before the rear attacker got him!

Anonymous said...

Iron Man's thought ballon could be edited to: "Aw man, who had corned beef?"

Anonymous said...

Poor Wanda. She looks so sad crying.
I'm gonna go with "she didn't cause him to be near death to start with" belief.

Erich said...

Regarding Iron Man's eye slits: I vaguely remember a Punisher one-shot from years back, where some crimelord had gotten hold of one of Tony Stark's original grey Iron Man suits. After all of his guns and other weapons proved useless, Frank was left with only a knife. The bad guy laughed and laughed...until Frank threw the blade right into the eye-slit.

Elie said...

I also remember a scene from an issue soon after this one, where Hank Pym loses his memory (again!), reverts to his early Avengers days Ant Man ID, not recognizing the other Avengers when they enter the mansion. He orders a stream of ants to attack the team, and they fly into Iron Man's armor via the - guess what! - eye holes. He was totally incapacitated for the rest of the battle.

FWIR, that issue also featured the one and only appearance of my personal favorite of all the Wasp's many costumes! I'd love to see that one again.