Thursday, March 5, 2009

Gorillas, Jerks, and Popular Kids Thursday!

My friends, we may be on the cusp of a new era in history, but there is one thing that we must never let go of:

Super-heroes fighting gorillas. Thanks World's Finest v1 #32!

Some folks (well, really just Childhood Pal Scotty) give me grief because I pick on older comics. Fact of the matter is, that no matter how crappy things like Final Crisis are, it's not crappy in a funny way. It's just.... kinda sad, really.

But here's a relatively newer flub from Daredevil v2 #3:

Reggie quickly lost his job at Nelson & Murdock, Attorneys at Law, for his politically incorrect sense of humor.

I'm over here, Mr. Murdock! On your left! Nope, keep turning! Keep going! Yep, keep going! Yep, alllll the way around! There you go! Psyche! I was standing on your right!

I may not be the most popular guy in the world, but this dude is!:

There's just something kinda ewwwwwww... about a teenager who takes Latin. Hurry while he's still single, ladies!

See you tomorrow!


D.B. Echo said...

I'm just wondering what the future held for "Ronnie" Morlock. A career in public service? Success in business? Founder of an underground race of beast-men who in time will prey on the Eloi?

Elrossiter said...

and a glass jaw. was that like a real thing back in the day? 'oh i'm afraid you'l be out of action for a while with that glass jaw.


Johnny said...

Not to mention Neal Adams, D.B. Echo. He hates Morlocks.

Also, why is Matt Murdoch so racist? Just because someone is black, it doesn't mean they're invisible, Matt. You're a lawyer, I expected more from you.

Christine said...

@Johnny We'll have to forgive Mr Murdock. He wasn't acting like himself at the time on account of being written my Mr Smith. But you're right, being a member of a number of disenfranchised groups himself, Matt should know better. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Back in my day we didn't have any crack athletes--it was mostly just pot athletes...


Eric Lyden said...

Yeah, good ol' Ronnie sure is modest in spite of his accomplishments. A full page, full color ad in comics books touting your accomplishments is pretty much the definition of modesty, is it not?

SallyP said...

Well...I know that I'D be intrigued by a wingtip-wearing, latin-quoting hunk of burning love like young Ronnie.

meekus said...

Among Ronnie's other accomplishments was to start up the student-only exercise club and barbeque kitchen, down in the basement.

On an unrelated note, has anybody seen those Eloi kids? Nobody's seen them since yesterday...