Wednesday, April 1, 2009

April Foolin' Wednesday!

It's April Fool's Day, which means that I have license to screw over my loyal readers with some silliness that is a complete betrayal of what you normally come here to see. Well, I won't go that far, with some made-up silliness about how Marvel is planning on doing a weekly Dazzler loves Rhino tv series or something, but I will take this opportunity to look at some classic Peanuts strips from 1952:

I don't know. I think that when you're that age, taking a dump in your pants is always an option. I don't think you get that privilege again until you're elderly. I plan on hitting that benchmark in just a few years.

This was interesting from a historical perspective. I'm pretty sure this is the only time a cast member ever acknowledged he was a character in a comic strip.

This is one of my favorites, ever:

I call it, "Charlie Brown Loses His Sh!t!" That makes it even funnier.

See you tomorrow!


Elie said...

Amazing how Charlie Brown and Lucy started off with such different personalities then they would eventually develop. Here, he was bold and aggressive, she was meek and helpless!

OTOH, now we know what all the yanked-away-football episodes were revenge for!

D.B. Echo said...

Regarding that last strip: Didn't Val Kilmer's Batman do the same thing to Tommy Lee Jones's Two-Face?

I like the "Poor Lucy" line at the end, suggesting Lucy has completely lost her marbles.

Allergy said...

This is great. There are few people like Schulz (Ernie Bushmiller comes to mind as one) who were such masters of simplicity and minimalism. Artists like these knew how to convey a lot with a little, and their art augmented the jokes so well.

What do we have today? Ziggy. Feh.