Monday, April 20, 2009

Lifeskills from Days Gone By Monday!

And we're back, only with even more soluble fiber! I've noticed that while the number of hits the blog gets is higher than ever, comments have gone down to nothing overnight. Anyone know why? If the traffic was going down, I'd understand it, but my stat counter says more folks are stopping by than ever at our little Comic Book Funhouse!

Ah, well. Be that way, if you must. Meanwhile, let's take a look at what our Grandparents did for fun, courtesy of World's Finest #40!:

That, my friends, is sick. It's hard to believe that those well-scrubbed tykes you saw on The Little Rascals were capable of such terrible things, but there you go. This is the America the history books won't tell you about!

A little lesson in phone etiquette from the 70's:

Remember, if you aren't available to take a call

the polite thing to do is to simply use a firearm to blow the phone to smithereens. This was from Avengers #162, and to be fair, I think answering machines were still pretty expensive.

Yellowjacket! We're under attack! Use your super powers!

Well, that's all kinds of helpful. You know, insects would be our size if they could. I don't know why we've always thought it was such a neat idea to be that tiny.

See you tomorrow!


Captain Infinity said...

Personally, I imagine him saying "I'm ready to shrink down to insect size at the first sign of danger."

Pisthetairos said...

Sorry, I just haven't been leaving a lot of comments lately. I guess I don't have anything to say. And, as I can't acess my blog, I have no reason to spam ads for it, haha!

ShadowWing Tronix said...

I usually read via the RSS feed, so I usually don't think about the comments. Sorry.

SallyP said...

It's ok Adam...I'm usually here.

Being obnoxious, but here.

And way to go, Hank! Shrinking ALWAYS terrifies the bad guys!

Zachary said...

And the worst part is that there already is *another* insect-size hero right in the front of the panel. Like they need another one.

Allergy said...

I know my commenting has been spotty. I got a few days behind on my feeds and I'm still catching up, and sometimes someone else will beat me to a joke before I read the post. Also, there have been a few posting/comment combinations that I thought were already perfect and I legitimately have nothing to add.

However, it may be that my comments are just so scintillatingly brilliant that they discourage others from commenting. Sorry about that.