Thursday, April 16, 2009

Wait 'Til You Meet Knucklehead Thursday!

From World's Finest v1 #40:

Wait, what? Excuse me? What the heck kind of vault do they have in that bank? And even if opening up a vault made you subject to the bends, which I highly doubt, couldn't he just make a little hole in the door and let some air in? I mean, I'm not the one wearing the tights and the cape, but that seems like a much more attractive option than just letting her suffocate. Then again, it is Lois, so maybe this is a good chance to get her out of Supe's hair without anyone asking any questions....

Or, some kid who plays Heroclix is careless with his toys. One of the two.

Hey! It's free comic book day!

You know, I don't think at my most compulsive collecting days as a youngster would I have gone to any effort to get this comic, and I would take dang near anything.

Then again, these testimonials are hard to dispute:

I can't wait to meet Knucklehead! Because he never does anything right! I can only imagine the hijinks!

See you tomorrow!


Allergy said...

Wow, capturing bank robbers AND selling pop! This book has it all!!

Anonymous said...

Everyone was amused by knuckelhead's antics until he was elected President.