Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Twisted but Fertile Tuesday!

What I wouldn't give for a heapin' helpin' of Batman #11! Why, here it is!:

Like many Golden Age heroes, Batman was totally capable of speaking clearly underwater. To sea creatures. Who may or may not have understood him. Because he's Batman, that's why!

A little Fun with Out of Context Dialogue(tm!)? Don't mind if I do!:

I've been married almost 18 years, and I still can't talk my wife into.... whatever it is they're doing.


See? Just in case you couldn't figure it out by their nicknames, they're hanging out because they're all names of birds. Get it now? Are you sure? Because I can explain it again.

And why is that one guy green? It wasn't a mistake, the guy was green throughout the whole story. But no one ever said anything. Gotham City was a very tolerant town in its own way.


Let's have some bonus Fun with Out of Context Dialogue!(tm!)


And the moral of the story is....

Ooooooookay. Thank you, Robin. And get that head wound checked out.

See you tomorrow!


SallyP said...

I LOVE the look of resignation on the thugs face, as Batman puts the hammerlock on him. Sort of an "...oh, just hurry up and get it over with already..." kind of thing.

Elrossiter said...

superb out of context dialogue. nice one!!