Friday, April 3, 2009

Attuma Gets Things Done Friday!

You say you haven't seen enough surreal floating heads to get you through the weekend? Well, we aims to please here at CMNS!:

Talking floating heads, no less. You're welcome.

I'm normally not a huge fan of characters from magical dimensions, alien worlds or undersea kingdoms, but I give major props to Attuma. Check out his "let's cut the crap and get to it" fighting style:

Next to the eye and mouth slits, that always seemed to be the most tempting place to attack Iron Man, but no one ever did. That is, no one until Attuma.

And how do you handle enemies the size of insects? Attuma knows how!

That's right! Squishy squish!

For showing more common sense than 99.9% of comic book supervillians in sheer kickassery, we welcome Attuma into the Character Hall of Fame! Who'da thunk?

See you Monday!


George C said...

Wow. Just... wow. Talk about having zero faith in the cover artist to convey the scene. "Better have some floating heads to tell the reader what's going on, just in case."

George C said...

Oh, and re attacking Iron Man... I always thought the belt pods would just come off if you yanked at 'em hard enough.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that Akuma has a bitching costume. And that mook behind him could be a major villain in any other book.

We can always count on good, old-fashioned Kirby art, I guess.

SallyP said...

Of course he got his ass kicked in the end, but what the heck, he still had moxie to spare!

james said...

I always like the attention this blog gives to characters' thoughts and actions. Great post!

Elrossiter said...

ha ha yeah attuma just gets on with the 'sheer kickassery' - no fannying about. i likes it. and

iron mans wearing his grumpy helmet, get out of the wrong side of the bed did we tony?!


Allergy said...


I think Iron Man could take a cue from the Atlanteans, they have some great helmets!

Tim said...

Um.. (oh God I can't believe I'm doing this).. that's actually Tyrak the Treacherous doing the ass-kicking. He works for Attuma, though. Close enough?