Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bloodhawkin' Thursday!

I'm sure that writing for team books is a challenge. Coming up with an adversary capable of taking on the entire Justice League or Avengers every month can be a tall order. But sometimes, you have to wonder if they're really trying:

You have to be careful with the bird motif. It took Hawkman a good 50 years before he became badass, which tells you how much tweaking of the bird-themed character has to take place. Otherwise, you look.... well, like a big bird. With arms.

And, I have to point out, that if Thor connects with that hammer shot he's about to deliver, we'll be having roast Bloodhawk with Bloodhawk giblet gravy for dinner.

For no reason, let's have a Random Super-Villain Cackle!(tm!):

Now, getting back to Bloodhawk: He was apparently a reasonably strong guy, and he talked like a parrot:

I don't understand why the cop in the right-hand foreground drops his gun like that. I mean, Bloodhawk is nowhere near him. This is the kind of guy who shot himself in the foot over in 'Nam, I'll betcha!

But Bloodhawk, lame as he was, knew that he could at least defeat the Wasp:

If the Avengers were a video game, the Wasp would be "training mode."

Anyway, I'd send Bloodhawk to the Character Hall of Shame, but he's almost so terrible that he's awesome. We'll give him a pass.

See you tomorrow!


Elrossiter said...

enjoyed the cackle! late congrats on over a thousand posts there squire!!! ace blog that it is, heres to another thousand! (still in disbelief over that netti pot)


Comixbear said...

Awwk! Polly wanna bitchslap Wasp! Awwk!


ShadowWing Tronix said...

Hey, I created a character like that in high school. He was in the super hero team of the "mind games" competitions my friends and I had. (Sort of a game of oneupmanship. Create your character, set his/her powers and gear, and see if you can outhink the other person. Won most of my fights, I'm happy to say.)

There's also an action figure similar to that guy. I think the story is a really sick kid designed it for a "Make a Wish" style charity group, and they made it into a figure. So that's an extra bias for me in favor of Bloodhawk.

Plus who doesn't like that name? "Bloodhawk"! Not as cool as "Darkhawk", but the 90's had to get SOMETHING right.

ABS said...

Actually, there was an Avengers arcade game in the 90s. The Wasp showed up in the sky-cycle stage as a little helper that Captain America could throw at enemies instead of his shield. She trailed pixie dust.

珊珊李 said...
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