Wednesday, April 22, 2009

A War Between Earth and Uranus Wednesday!

A little fun from the Superman story in World's Finest v1 #42!:

See? Sometimes it takes an alien to really define how male/female relationships work. Beloved is half my size, and the only thing that she ever worries about me doing is telling embarrassing things about her on this very blog.

Hey, that reminds me: The other day, she bought something called "lip stain" for the first time. Rather than wait until she got home to try it out, she gets into it while the car is moving. For the next six hours, I was married to the Joker.


Some of the greatest uses of the word "Uranus" ever! Read those lines out loud for maximum enjoyment.

So, Superman wants to put Lois in a cage and she's got a fetish for smelly plants? Now, that's entertainment! If they had explored these angles a bit more, Superman comics might actually be interesting every now and then.

See you tomorrow!


SallyP said...

There's a REASON why we only see the back of Lois's head when she makes her "Uranus" remark. I assume it's because she's snickering to herself.

Superman is trying to stay above it all.

Captain Infinity said...

Ha ha. Uranus.

ehudwill said...

When I read the Uranus dialogue out loud it was much funnier. Great find on that one.

JK said...

Maaaan, I just came across your blog and I LOVE it! I allready spreaded the virus and posted your link on my blog. If you are curious how your short description sounds in polish - here it is :P

"Ojciec rodziny, w średnim wieku, samozwańczy krytyk pop-kultury, bez szczególnych uzdolnień, może z wyjątkiem rozbierania na części pierwsze pracy twórczej innych".

greetings from Krakow :)))

Adam Barnett said...

Hey, we've gone intenational yet again! Thanks for helping us break another border, JK!