Monday, March 3, 2008

Star Boy Monday!

Yes, once again a super-powered adolescent boy found his way to Smallville. I'm starting figure out that Smallville was basically the Roswell, NM of the DC Universe in the 1960's. On the plus side, I think we've finally hit the run of Adventure Comics where the Legion of Super-Heroes is a regular thing, so we can focus on something besides how lame Superboy is.

Yes, son, this outfit will disguise you. No one will suspect that your secret identity is Thom Kallor..... except those who actually look at your face. Ask them not to do that.

What an awkward piece of expository dialogue there, Cosmic Boy. Don't you think Star Boy knew that when he went through the application, the initiation, and the swearing-in ceremony?

"Is that what this is? I thought I was joining an opium den!"

Hmmmmm... I guess in the 1960's, women used deceit, manipulation and blackmail to get what they wanted. Good thing they're so honest and straightforward with us these days. Right, guys? How is it that Lana didn't end up face down in a dumpster somewhere?


Anonymous said...

Because in one thousand years from now, technology will be so developed that big white cards with black lettering on them will be used to distinguish each member and where they sit!

Michael Jones said...

I love it that Lana just decides to toss away her flowers! Who needs posies, when you can scheme?

SallyP said...

Why isn't Lana face-down in a dumpster? Oh, if only!