Friday, March 7, 2008

More Fudge Judge Friday!

Back by popular demand! More Fudge Judge!

Previously, he was an actual judge. Now he's a cowboy? See what's happening here? It's the secret origin of the Village People!

Need more? Well, check it out:

A cop who Clark likes so much that he pulls a boner? All we need is the guy with the big moustache, and we've got ourselves a band!


No matter how certain I was of my invulnerability, I would never test it with a buzz saw to my groin.


Blockade Boy said...

Well, considering how old Pa Kent is, and the fact that he's never sired any children, I'd wager he's "shootin' blanks" and wouldn't even miss his shriveled, bluish member. Hell, he should just slather it in plastique and blast the useless thing off! That'll show his dingus who's boss!

FoldedSoup said...

I will refrain from making a Cowboy / Fudge Judge / Brokeback Mountain joke. You're welcome.

And that Pa Kent panel? Made me spit tea. That's fantastic!

Johnny said...

Is that a Doobie sticking out of Jonny Kent's mouth? Was it laced with crack? Man, that mofo was so high, he thought he could make lurve to a buzz saw! But we've all been there. There's a lesson here kids:
Never mix drugs and wood shop!

Captain Infinity said...

My Pa tested his invulnerability with a buzz saw twice! Unfortunately for him he wasn't invulnerable either time. Fortunately it was his hand and not his package.

De said...

What does it take to be a Hangin' Fudge Judge?

Anonymous said...

FudgeJudge is far too busy--- BEING DELICIOUS

sexynerdgirl said...

Shouldn't Pa Kent test his strength first? By lifting something insanely heavy with his .. member?
THEN jump on the buzz saw.

If he manages both, THEN and only then can he claim invulnerability!

mwb said...

Whoa, Pa Kent is the man! Either I'm invulnerable or I'm a eunuch.

珊珊李 said...