Monday, March 31, 2008

It's a Wild, Wacky Monday!

Two old Daredevil villains have a disagreement. Watch as the Marauder gives the Gladiator a blast that will, according to the sound effect, give him skin problems! ZIT!

Check out the size of Night Girl's helmet. I hear NASA has extra large helmets to accommodate big hair....

To be fair, they accounted for this in the story, but I'm gonna say it anyway:
One of us will die, unless it's me, Mon-El, or anyone with enough sense to duct tape their rod to the coffin!

Again, to be fair, they wrote their way around this in the story. To tell the truth, I was just angry that this issue teased me with the false hope that Saturn Girl was dead. I'm over it now.


Sea_of_Green said...

ZIT! :-)

De said...

Hasn't the Marauder heard of the Land Shark? The Land Shark's lures of candy-grams and flowers are anything but powerless.

SallyP said... that guy's HEAD on fire inside his helmet?

mwb said...

I like that Polar Boy wears his hat under his helmet.

Talk about a slave to fashion.

Captain Infinity said...

It would be better if he wore his hat on top of his helmet.