Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Friends Live in the 30th Century and all I Got was this Flickering Lamp Thursday!

Behold, the least efficient mode of communication since Green Arrow's "Arrow Flare": The Flickering Lamp!

Everyone from the President, to the Pentagon, to the freaking police chief of Smallville, Kansas? I'm not saying the guy doesn't do an important job, but I'd sure have a seperate ringtone for the police chief of Smallville, Kansas.

Just because I might be in the tub, and I'd be a little less inclined to hop out if instead of the President, it was actually.... oh, I don't know, the police chief of Smallville, Kansas.

And, frankly, that's not the most reliable signal ever. It could mean anything from the end of the world to a light bulb that's about to go out. Is that the best method Kryptonian science could bequeath upon Clark?

Well, "toot toot," Lightning Lad!

I'm not sure where this is going, but Joe needs to back out of the room and try to forget he ever saw anything.

Yay! Fudge Judge!


mwb said...

Lamp blinking, huh? Jeepers, all these years I thought that when my lamp blinked I just needed to put in a new bulb.

Instead, I was being called into action.

No wonder I'll never be a superhero!

Sea_of_Green said...

I suppose they never have rolling blackouts in SuperheroLand?

Will said...

Last panel:

Why does everyone have to act so suprised to find out their roommate's into bathtub related bondage?

SallyP said...

Oh those Legion kids are just SO full of themselves.

All I could picture on the blinking lamp, was Pa Kent standing in front of the fuse box in the cellar,putting the fuse in...and then taking it out...and giggling maniacally to himself.

Heh heh.