Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Back in the Saddle Tuesday!

Again, sorry about yesterday. Blogger is normally pretty reliable and easy to use, but I guess even the best of us have off days.

Hey, check out the ultra-complicated Legion secret handshake! No way the Fatal Five will ever crack that one! Do they have a secret password, and if they do, does anyone think it isn't "password?"

You're getting a little too dependent on Clark, Ma. I mean, are there no pot lids or .... I dunno, baking soda in the house? It's not like the whole joint is burning down around your ears. Yet.

If I were Clark, I'd put the fire out just to shut her up. But instead of doing it by blowing it out with my super-breath, I'd try something different like farting. Surely he can fart hard enough to put out a small grease fire. I mean, why wouldn't he be able to do that?

Eeeek! Clark! Don't put it out that way!

Sorry, Ma! You said to use one of my many super-powers, so I thought I'd show off a little...

Can you believe DC Comics hasn't contacted me about a writing position with them?

Matt... my darling.... I would have waited for you forever.... but instead I'm going to become a heroin-addicted porn actress.... if only you had returned my calls....

The joke here, for you non-Daredevil fans, is that Karen Page did become a heroin-addicted porn actress, who sold Daredevil's secret identity for some smack.

I know you think I'm kidding, but I'm not.

Ah, it feels better to blog again! Just to celebrate, let's check out another Fudge Judge! Fudge Judge! Frock! Sockamagee!


Matthew said...

>But instead of doing it by blowing it out with my super-breath, I'd try something different like farting.

But wouldn't that, like, explosively combust? Or is Kryptonian physiology different?

Sea_of_Green said...

The judge trudges to judge the fudge sludge without bearing a grudge.

I've been reading too much Dr. Seuss lately ...

Michael Jones said...

I was going say what Matt said. How about using his super-expectorant power and spit it out?

Allergy said...

Adam... thank goodness you're back. But you should know... I would have waited for you forever... if only you'd asked me.

Although come to think of it, you're already married. And I'm not much of a fudge judge myself, so... never mind.

I have a hard time reconciling "secret" with "demonstrating at length in plain view." Maybe Super Boy just likes holding hands. "I knew you were phony because you didn't know the top-secret location of our headquarters... which is right over there. See it? Just past the stop sign on the right. No, over there. Right by where that car is pulling out. Do you see it now? Let's walk over there so I can show you." I have the feeling that this kind of behaviour eventually resulted in Aqua Man getting kidnapped a bunch of times.

mwb said...

Superboy: "But why should I care? I'm invulnerable. So let's talk about my allowance..."

Captain Infinity said...

"Sure, Ma. I'll just shove the oven through the wall and out into the yard where it won't cause any harm."

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