Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Head-Scratchin' Wednesday!

Superboy isn't thinking about his grandmother as he patrols Smallville.....

I'm a little surprised it was even an issue. Has he been working on that or something?

Yay! An alarm-siren! Anything to get my grandmother out of my mind!

When I think of my grandmother, I think of a sweet lady who used to sing all the time and could play almost any song written before 1960 on the piano. I shudder to think what Clark's Gram-Gram did that causes him such torment.

contributed by sPat:

I can't remember the rest of the story, so maybe there's more to it, but why is Spider-Man giving that piece of jewelry the finger?

Yeah, I know. Technically, it's his fourth finger, but you can tell what Steve Ditko was going for when he drew it.

Well, I know someone who probably didn't get into art school with this particular "test of talent." If they did get into art school, I hope someone taught them a thing or two about skintones.

This strikes me as funny because we've all seen these "Draw Blinky!"-type ads a million times, but I've never seen anyone who actually took a shot at it. Someone sure did like the color red!


Siskoid said...

Does Superboy even HAVE a grandmother?

Dave said...

Not only did I take a shot at the Famous Artists Test, I sent it in and they sent a salesman out to my house to convince my mother to spend a lot of dough to get trained.

She had the good sense to tell him no.

Blockade Boy said...


Really, scripter and/or lettering guy?


That's not an "alarm-siren"! A clock-radio, maybe, but that's about it.

motherkat said...

on spidy with the hooked hip and come hither finger, he appears to be propositioning that lamp, or possible the sorcerer supreme, maybe both

Captain Infinity said...

I took that art test. And I got a letter back from them that politely ended my aspirations to be a comic book artist.

jettblackberryx said...

Regarding the "Draw Binky" or whatever ads:
oddly enough my Uncle Eldon is somewhat the art savant but he never put his talent to use.

One time I asked him if he could draw the ad in question.
He then sketched the ad perfectly, but with a twist.
He drew with his left hand--as he was left handed--and then drew it again perfectly with his right hand. He then sketched Batman from a comic book with either hand.
He is still around and still eccentric, odd, you name it.
He also but a projection TV from a kit in 1972!