Friday, October 26, 2012

Because You Should Choose Your Partner Based Solely on the Outcome of an Intramural Competition...

Running late again because work is bananas.  In fact, next week may not have daily posts.  Sorry about that in advance.

But let us live in the here and the now, with The Midshipman...

This is a really awkward read.  First, we get big expository paragraphs like so:

And it really isn't necessary because... y'know... comics are a visual art form and whatnot.  You could always just show it in a picture.

Like so:

And that's just the first example.  The whole thing is text, followed by a picture that made all that text unnecessary.  It's like it was written by someone who had no faith in the artist's ability to show what was going on.

But I got some Fun with Out of Context Dialogue (tm!), so it was totally worth it:


Anyway... Lee rescues the pilot and of course it's a girl:

Oh.  I just spoiled the pic for you didn't I?  Now they've got me doing it.  Anyway, it's not just any girl... then again, in comics it rarely is :

A reward?  I think we've read enough of the stories in Pep Comics #1 here to know where this is going:

Eeeesh.  Again? 

Oh.  Well that settles that.

Some consideration?  For saving your life?  Someone has issues with appreciation.

Well... that's arbitrary.  Nothing makes a fella feel more special than knowing his date is with him because he won a contest.  At that point, Adam would be out. Princess there is a bit high maintenance for me.

Anyway, there's a canoe race.  Yes, it's as exciting in comic form as it sounds.  And Don doesn't take his loss well, so Lee does some Jiu Jitsu, presumably having learned it at Scotland Yard.

I realize I just may not be a romantic, but by the time I was finished fishing her out of the crashed airplane, won a canoe race, and tossed Don Lewis over my shoulder, I'd be thinking the "reward of the smiles of Miss Dennis" weren't worth it at all.  It's not like it's going to end there.  Miss Dennis will have you rowing many a figurative canoe in a never-ending quest to make her happy, and life is too short for jerks like that.

Ah, well.  See you Monday!


SallyP said...

Sheesh! It's not enough apparently to save her life, now you have to perform feats of daring as well? She's never going to get married at that rate!

Unknown said...

Lee Samson turned up in "Night in the Comic Store" story in Life with Archie where Betty and Veronica developed crushes on him at first sight.

MarvelX42 said...

Actually, I kinda think that the guy who is already her BF has the leg up. I mean he met her wooed her, built a relationship, and maintained that relationship. Then all of a sudden this guy comes along and does one thing once and she is expected to just drop everything, tell the guy (that she must have feelings for) that she is already dating to just shove off? She probably picked the boat race in the hopes that (and with the knowledge that) her already BF could easily beat this Midshipman guy and get him off her back.

Adam Barnett said...

To be fair, Marv... I didn't post the panel where she tells him she isn't his girlfriend and she promised him nothing. I've no idea if she's decent girlfriend material once she actually accepts the mantle, but I strongly suspect this is a contest where one is better off losing...

Adam Barnett said...

Great trivia piece about a later appearance of Lee Samson! Got an issue number so I can find it?

MarvelX42 said...

K, well that is the worst part of your posts. That you can't post more. lol

Unknown said...

Oops. My mistake. It wasn't .

It was Archie and Friends #150. It features a host of old Pep characters including Bently of Scotland Yard and Fu Chang.