Friday, October 19, 2012

Everything was Quiet... If You Could Ignore the Death Gurgle of a Thousand Nazis!

I learned something today.  The "Gettin' Enough" video I liked so much that I reposted it last week?  Turns out it was actually a spoof of 80's teen sex PSA's.  Silly me.  It just goes to show that when you do too good of a job spoofing something, you actually just end up recreating it.

Although that's good news because it means I can listen to the song without people thinking I'm a pervert.  Not that people don't think there's something wrong with me, I'm sure they do.  It just gives them one less thing upon which to hang their proverbial hat.

For example, I'm about to talk about the first "Sergeant Boyle" series, and it may appear that I don't think it's  the greatest comic ever.  And I totally do

Get that?  He's an American that joined the British Expeditionary Forces.  Now, you may wonder why, but remember that this comic was the January, 1940 issue.  So, it came out at least a year before the United States was engaging in any hostilities with the Axis, much less the formal declaration of war on December 8th, 1941.

See?  See?  You'll learn stuff here.  Not a lot that will help you get through life or anything, but you'll pick up a thing or two.

Sing it with me!

Dang straight.

Anyway, back to Sergeant Boyle.  Here he is shooting a Nazi with one hand while tossing two rifles at once as if they were spears:

Keep in mind there's no "Super Soldier Formula" or anything like that here.  This guy is just your average American.

.... if by "Average American," you mean "Average American Ass-Kicking Machine!"

Dodge a machine gun at point blank range?  No problem!

Okay, I'm not at all sure shooting another gun's bullets creates and explosion like that.

Eh, who cares?  There's no bad way to take out a Nazi!

Uh-oh... a coded message:

Didn't the Nazis have this whole Enigma machine thing going on?  If this is a product of its work, I'm not surprised the Allies were able to crack it.  By jove, old chaps!  I was flummoxed by this kibbles and bits until I read it while I was shaving!

Okay, that wasn't even close to a good imitation of a Brit.  My apologies to my friends across the pond.

What do you mean, Sgt. Boyle?  What about the...?



I see what you're doing there.  You're being all modest like it's all in a day's work or something!  You sly fox!

Surprisingly, this feature would go on for thirty-nine issues of Pep Comics.  You'd think that so much badassery would be considered far too much for the comics-reading public to handle, but there you go.

Between Sergeant Boyle, the Shield and the Comet, Pep was a pretty violent title.  I'm kinda surprised Archie and Jughead get their introductions here.  Maybe Archie and Jughead were originally government assassins or something.  I'll let you know when I get there.

See you Monday!


MarvelX42 said...

I think I remember some parody somewhere in which Jughead killed someone with his "crown". Maybe it was Robot Chicken? Or maybe I am just "remembering" something that never happened?

MarvelX42 said...

I liked the "Gettin Enough" video btw. Lil' Chris has it all over that Justin guy if you ask me.