Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Injecting Foreign Materials Into Your Blood is a Great Idea Wednesday!

Yesterday's look at the Shield (who was actually "the Golden Age Shield" because there was another one put out by the same company years later) was so awesome, what choice do we have but to check out the Comet?

Wow.  Who came up with that mess of a costume?  He looks like he's wearing Lucky Charms cereal on his arms.  Moons, stars... and yet no comets?  Maybe the arrow is meant to represent him moving through space or something.   Maybe I just think it's a terrible costume.

Origin time!

WHAT?  I have suspended my disbelief for radioactive spiders, hammers from Olympus, aliens and rings that create fully functional objects out of something called "hard light," but I draw the line here.  

I mean, I'm no scientist, but come on!

Oh, wait.  It gets better:

Hydrogen is actually very flammable, so they actually could have scored some points if his eyes set things on fire.  The Hindenburg?  Hydrogen.  So at least they were close.

And check this out:

Kind of reminds you of a certain X-Man who would appear more than 20 years later, doesn't it?

But I have a question: If the shield is just blocking the ray, wouldn't the hydrogen molecules (that are very small) accumulate in the visor while he has it closed?  It seems like eventually you would effectively have a firebomb attached to your eyes.

Although if you just never closed the visor like you were supposed to, I suppose that wouldn't be an issue. Thusly:

So, is he just disintegrating things all over the place while he's flying around?  Hey!  Wasn't I just looking at a cow?  Where did that school bus go?  Why doesn't that helicopter have a propeller?  It did just a second ago... Aw, beans.  Did I leave my visor open again?

And don't even get me started on what would happen if you glanced down at your lap...

See you tomorrow!


Unknown said...

Just so I'm clear on this: does this mean that in order to use his disintegration power, the Comet has to cross his eyes?

MarvelX42 said...

I read somewhere that the guy who came up with Cyclops had actually worked on the early Comet stuff. Read it just recently in fact. Ah, here it is:

Talks about how Kirby used to do free lance work for Archie. It actually talks about the Shield as well.

Britt Reid said...

If you think the Comet's Golden Age costume is lame, you should see his Silver Age garb...

Thomas Fummo said...

That's it. I'm redesigning this guy for Project Rooftop.