Monday, October 8, 2012

The Mysterious Case of Herbert Honey Monday!

So, we're coming to the end of All-Flash Quarterly #3, which is (tragically) the one and only appearance of Adam Addams.  But first, check out The Inkling Kid:

There were a couple of things about this feature that I found disturbing.  First, and foremost, it's that the character seems to be imprisoned in that bottle and has developed Stockholm Syndrome.  That really bothers me.

Second, of course, is the obvious pandering.  Back in the day, there was nothing cooler than seeing your name published somewhere.  This was before you young folks had the YouTube and whatnot so you could show millions of people your idiot friends setting their farts on fire.  Back then, it was very easy to go through life and never see your name on little more than birth certificate, a report card, a time card, and a death certificate.  And I don't guess you'd see the last one, but you get the idea.

And that reminds me of this song from the Godfathers from 1988:

Hear that, kids?  That's called a melody.  It's spelled M-E-L-O-D-Y.  And that guy in the back is playing drums.  Yes, before the drum machine and autotune ruined music forever, people actually carried tunes and played instruments.  I know it's hard to wrap your brain around, but it was true.

Anyway, getting back to The Inkling Kid.  There is very little info out there about the character, but he was apparently a "filler" cartoon for back when movies gave you a cartoon, a newsreal, a "short" and then the main feature.  And no, not even Yours Truly is old enough to remember that.

But apparently, the studio that produced that character actually ended up using the letters as a kind of market research.  They would ask about a something and rely on the feedback from the letters to make a decision.  So, when they asked about child star Herbert Honey (for whom I've also found little info) and the response was tepid, he was given the boot.  This was really a wild concept before PC's connected everyone.  But if you have any info about The Inkling Kid or Herbert Honey, please put it in the comments.

And, as seems to be the theme in All-Flash Quarterly, another great villain bites the dust.  And considering the man created centaurs, body doubles, an managed to get his hands on "Hard Water," he certainly didn't go out with the appropriate level of dignity:

This one I find particularly unsavory, but it could just be me:

Although, as befits a genius like Adam Addams, he ultimately checked out on his own terms.  Terms of Awesomeness!:

Fare thee well, Adam Addams.  We barely knew ye.

See you tomorrow!

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MarvelX42 said...

What the...? Now I know you can't put up every panel of every comic but did I miss something? "That gas that explodes the body"? It looks like they all knew about it too. I mean I am just guessing here, but when one hears "That gas that explodes the body" and they don't faint or exclaim in shock "There is a gas that explodes the body!?!?" then I am just taking that they have heard of it and it is just one of those things like soda pop or socks or oh yeah "That gas that explodes the body". Just all normal average everyday things. Ho hum. What's for dinner? And for people who were just invited to their own death party got trapped just saw one person die from being poisoned and who are standing there covered in Arzt (if you don't know-look it up), they seem pretty damn calm about it. Oh he just blew up, thank heaven that's over. Anyone for tennis? Sheesh.