Thursday, August 6, 2009

Octopus-Related Thursday!

This is a classic bit of disturbing comic book coverness that you might have missed:

So, people were all over the Bruce Wayne/Dick Grayson relationship in the comics, but no one saw anything here? Really? Look at that photo! And is the Rifleman peeing his pants, or is that just an unfortunate shadow? I'm seeing all kinds of subliminal evil going on here!

Une skunk de pew!!!

This was a pretty good cover, especially when you consider Superman's "super-sensitive nostrils." It's been a while since we talked about nostrils, hasn't it? Nostril, nostril, nostril.

And why is Robin flying?

For the Costume Hall of Shame:

That's some pretty nifty headgear you've got going on there, Octopus. Is that supposed to be a beak? And why is everything octopus-related in that panel colored in various shades of lilac? I don't think that's accurate at all.

Yes, I said "octopus-related." The nice thing about doing a comic blog is you never know when you're going to get to say things like "octopus-related."

See you tomorrow!


SallyP said...

That is quite possibly the most hideous costume that I've ever seen...and I'm including Looker's from the Outsiders.

And I can't believe that Batman doesn't carry some sort of skunk repellant. Preferably in spray-can form.

Robert Gillis said...

Yes, because it would never occur to Superman that he has HEAT VISION and could VAPORIZE the little stinker.

wiec? said...

shadow nothing. i think Chuck Connors might have sipped his fill behind the ole bunkhouse.

my dog got sprayed by a skunk once. so i'm not fond of skunks. that said Supes should use the icy cold breath on it then punch it into a million bits. then vaporize the bits.

and the Octopus costume seems baggy and tight, both in all the wrong places. skunks could redeem themselves by spraying him.

D.B. Echo said...

Repost from the previous entry (I thought that was a really long post):

It looks like The Rifleman was just turning around, looking for where his young sidekick had gotten to with that firewood, when - POW! - right in the "mysterious bag."

Anonymous said...

Hey, at least the Octopus is confident enough to wear a miniskirt with his tights. It doesn't look good (he doesn't have the legs for it), but considering that most super-types go in for briefs over their leotard, wearing the skirt sets him apart.

Also, that's one hell of a logo he's sporting there. Kind of a shame that it's getting lost in the lilac-on-lilac swarm of bubbles all over his T-shirt.

Honestly, it sort of looks like he made his costume by raiding his grandma's closet and then accessorizing it with a beak-hat. I guess we should be thankful that he's not wearing her good string of pearls with it, in an attempt to seem even more ocean-centric.

Allergy said...

"Learn all about the contents of mysterious bags and other things that will soon be appearing on your growing body in this charming coming-of-age story... from the author of Brokeback Mountain"

Also, guest starring as the giant evil hench-octopus... Karl Malden!