Friday, August 21, 2009

Behind the Scenes at CMNS Friday!

Sometimes, I get e-mails asking me how I find the material for this site. It's all in how you look at things. F'rinstance, take Avengers # 270-276. On the surface of it, there's an epic storyline wherein the son of Baron Zemo organizes a dozen super-villains who not only overwhelm our heroes and take over Avengers mansion, but many of said bad guys would form the core roster of the Thunderbolts, one of the few titles started in the 1990's that is still going strong today. Why this isn't in TPB form, I don't know, because this was a highlight of Avengers in the 80's.

But what does Adam get out of it?

Disembodied Floating Heads!:

Another appearance of the Stunnulator!:

And a shout-out to the worst Super-Hero answering service ever!:

Note to staff: If I'm ever on a secret mission, don't just blurt it out to whoever calls. That kind of defeats the whole "secret" part of it.

So, it's more of spotting little things that, despite the high entertainment factor of the surrounding story, make you go "what just happened?"

See? Easy! Try it at home!

See you Monday!


Donald said...

This storyline was collected in a TPB called "Avengers: Under Seige", and I agree, it's a great story.

Zocktastic said...

Why do I have a feeling it was Johnny who made the recording for the FF's answering machine?

"Hey, this is the Fantastic Four! We're like, on a secret mission and stuff, so leave a message. Oh, and guess what? The secret mission thing? We're going to Latveria to totally kick Doc Doom's ass! It's gonna be freakin' suh-WEEET! So like uhh, don't tell him, okay? Lawl! Peace out, peeps!"

Aaron Carine said...

The floating heads were a throwback to the silver age.

Anonymous said...

Well, to be fair, considering that the FF go on missions from everywhere to Latveria to the Negative Zone, knowing that they're on a secret mission doesn't reveal much.

Allergy said...

I love the protest sign that appears to say "GO FISH"