Thursday, August 6, 2009

Be a Keen Teen Friday!

Okay, here's how I see the editorial meeting going for this issue:

Sure, we could do another cover showing the Invaders beating the crap out of the Axis powers, but you know what America really needs? A picture of Cap and the Torches fighting aliens in the Antarctic!

Oh, the Golden Age... you always give me the goods.

I know we've talked about how badass Bucky was, but check out Toro:

That kid has been in the sh!t way too long to be emotionally healthy.

Hey! It's Jap Buster Johnson!

War comics had a surprising lack of profanity, considering the situation. But that didn't slow down Jap Buster Johnson! Know why? Because he's Jap Buster F'n Johnson!

It's another inappropriate ad!

Be a keen teen? I don't know what you're implying, but no thanks. However, I do appreciate any magazine that was offering "vocational guidance," although it was probably something to the tune of "learn shorthand, so you can enjoy a long, dead-end career as a secretary for some stressed-out dillhole."

See you Monday!


David said...

Hey, don't forget Timely's policy of "racially offensive stereotypes." They only look like aliens to our 21st century eyes; the artist was trying to draw Mexicans.

Shane said...

Toro could fly. It wasn't exactly "too late" to save that guy. It's said that Toro was the only member of the Invaders to survive the war and the period after mentally and physically intact. I would seriously have to disagree with that.

Anonymous said...


E. Bernhard Warg

Bel said...

WHAT is that freaky man-hand reaching down to touch "Miss America"'s head? Creepy!

Anonymous said...

"I could fly down and save you, but I'll eat this ding-dong instead."

Elrossiter said...

excellant use of the phrase dill hole. excellant