Friday, August 28, 2009

Valuable Lessons from the Golden Age Friday!

Some oft-overlooked but very socially relevant moments from World's Finest #78:

Willie.... gots no game.

But even a he-man knows the value of a good old fashioned slap!

See you Monday!


SallyP said...

Oh, Joe IS a He-Man now! Too bad it was so short-lived, as the bully he humiliated went off and brought back five or six of his good bully friends, and they proceeded to open a case of whup-ass on ol' Joe, the likes of which have seldom been seen.

Robert Gillis said...

Out of the way small-fry, make way for a MAN in a bikini! Um, I mean, in a speedo. I mean, underwear. Um, I'm the sub-mariner. All us bikini-guys SLAP other men. It's, um, how we fight. So we don't, um, y'know, mess up the bikini. {PAUSE} I'm Batman.