Friday, August 14, 2009

It Ain't Cruel If You Get Someone Else to Do it for You Friday!

From All-Select #10:

Okay, so here's the situation: Back in the day, the most obvious way the Human Torch could take out a bad guy was, of course, to burn him alive. That was quickly nixed by the powers that be because it's obviously a terrible death, even for your typical mad scientist or whatever.

But as we see here, the Torch and his plucky sidekick send the bad guys to a flaming, violent death. Was it okay because the fire didn't come directly from the Torch himself? I know there aren't any hard and fast rules here, but it's interesting to see that the bad guys always seem to die in Torch stories, even if it isn't through a direct blast of fire.

You know what's really creepy, though? This:

La la la la laaaaAAAAAH! I'm having chest pains!

Okay, that was stupid, I'll admit. But it's Friday.

And what kind of "Gadget Ideas" are they teaching teenage girls of the Golden Age? How to work a stove and a vacuum cleaner?

I'll see you Monday!


Aaron Carine said...

The Torch and the other golden age heroes would kill at the drop of a hat.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure I'd take advise from PeeWee Herman.

Murfyn said...

La la la la laaaaAAAAAH!
That was funny. But not creepy at all.

Anonymous said...

"Swine?" is that the driver's name or an expletive?

E. Bernhard Warg

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