Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Unlicensed Medicine Practicin', Knowing Glance Exchangin', Unnaturally Pale Skinnin' Tuesday!

Let's poke a little fun at World's Finest #75 and see if it pokes back!

Yes, Batman, I put your leg in a cast, because I am Superman and no mere licensed physician in the Gotham City area is capable of doing such a feat. Now then, may I see your insurance card?

Um.... Clark, why did you and the copy boy exchange a knowing glance?

Why, whatever do you mean, Perry?

You know, that "we know something he doesn't" look between you and Dick Grayson, famous ward of bajillionaire Bruce Wayne who coincidentally and inexplicably became a copy boy here at the Daily Planet right at the same time Robin started teaming up with Superman?

We don't what you mean, Perry.

You're doing it right now! Seriously, can't you at least wait until I've walked away?


Sure, Batman.... and say, can I get you some bronzer or spray tan? You're looking quite pasty.

See you tomorrow!


Zocktastic said...

Wow. Just look at that expression on Supes' face. You just know he's regretting asking Bruce about his little "fascination" with men's footwear.

Anonymous said...

Actually, it was a nice change of pace for Perry. It was a lot better than "Who the hell are you winking at,Kent? There's nothing there but the fourth wall."

Sea-of-Green said...

Robin should just ditch Batman for Superman, for good. Seriously.

Johnny said...

Batman & Superman: Their unique teamwork abilities to state the bleedin' obvious, EVEN when it's staring Robin in the face

Anonymous said...

Yes, I set your broken leg using my x-ray vision. Now I'll just sign your cast with my heat ray.